Don’t Make History. Make the Future. | March 2020

I spent the week before last reading in Maastricht (not that one needs to go there to read but I love the fact that I can!). I took these two books with me; no planning – just what happened to get chucked in the bag. Whilst being vastly different from each other in style and content, it turned out they both get to the crux of what it means to live a life in the light of the events of Easter – one event in particular; the resurrection.

Bolz-Weber’s style is raw, raunchy, rough and ridiculously honest. Its a warts and all memoir of a sinner/saint trying to live a resurrected life. Her honesty has made me feel so much better about my own attempts at doing the same….

Wright’s voice is much more academic and it took some work to get through. None the less I found it well worth the effort. He lays a theological and historical foundation for doing what Bolz-Weber writes about: live a life believing that humanity saw the kingdom of heaven begin on earth on that Easter Sunday morning when Mary met the ‘gardener’ – lives focused on justice, beauty, and sharing some good news that there is more and better to come.

I’ve returned challenged to keep on with having a crack at living a resurrected life; one that is committed to seeking justice, creating beauty and sharing stories of hope. Bolz-Weber’s daily prayer’ll be a good starting point I reckon… “God, please help me not to be an asshole…”

P.S. saw this billboard in Rotterdam on the way home. Summed things up beautifully I thought!

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