A teaser of all the fun of February

Thanks to my friends from school, Feb will be a busy month. I think I’ll be looking forward to a holiday to recover from the holiday.

I’ll be visiting Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Andorra, France, Italy as I make my way around to the Istrian peninsular to spend a couple of months settled down in the little town of Rovinj.


Spain – Visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Cordoba and taking a hot air balloon ride over Segovia.

Portugal – Visiting Lisbon and Sintra

Morocco – Visiting Marrakech and Essaouira

Andorra – Skiing

France – Toulouse

Italy – Venice

Croatia – Rovinj

4 thoughts on “A teaser of all the fun of February

    1. Looks amazing, have a wonderful trip Tony. Looking forward to traveling with you through you blog. Take care and have loads of fantastic experiences

      Rachel vb

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