School Friends

There is a sculpture in the garden at Emu Point that is regularly decorated to reflect the theme of what’s happening around us. Today I woke up to find that Melody’s got her school clothes on. Melody’s change of outfit and a few facebook posts led me to think of my friends who are winding up for a new academic year.

I’ve always been fortunate (or strategic) in having jobs that I really enjoy doing. For the past 8 years this has meant turning up to school ready to share the responsibility of caring for nearly 900 teenagers. Today I have been thinking of the amazing team of people who have turned up to do it all over again; while I enjoy a lazy lie-in, breaky and a read of the paper at Emu Point cafe, and a bit of time thinking and writing.

These people are an amazing bunch. Humble, caring, tough, dependable, reliable, enthusiastic, funny. They epitomise the essence of servant leadership. It has been a privilege to work alongside them, to serve them, to share their lives and families and dreams and aspirations. I miss them deeply and pray over them daily. They have carried me through my darkest days and celebrated the joys of life with me. I aspire to be like them.

Go well my friends.

One thought on “School Friends

  1. So happy you’re enjoying a very different January, but we are missing our friend, you’re cheek to cheek beaming smile and the most enthusiastic laugh that can be heard echoing down the halls. Mick’s jokes just don’t get the response they deserve anymore. Enjoy that coffee and paper, and many more.


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